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Junior Learn to Row

Led by our team of coaches you will be taught a basic but technical skills needed to be able to Scull.

These skills will be delivered during the academic term during x2 90 minute water sessions and X2 60min land based sessions per week.

The Autumn term sessions start on the 4th September.

Please note for 2021-22 we will only be enrolling applicants from year 7 and up.

Spaces are limited so please complete the registration form below to register your interest.

Year 8 Applicants

If your child is in year 8 from September 2021 they will join our ‘Learn to Row’ and train with their age group in order to develop into our Yr 9 race squad program from September 2022.

Year 9 Plus Applicants

If your child is in Year 9 and above and have either not rowed before or had limited experience all new enquiries enter through this group.

The intention will be for them to train with the group till they have achieved the required standard to be able to join their age group racing squad or the recreational group.

All members of the junior learn to row group are expected to attend at least 2 sessions per week and progress towards our racing squads.

We encourage new members to join in this year and progress through our squad and camp sessions.

Year 7 Applicants

From April 2022 we offer an entry level course in the summer term for all year 7 applicants. From there they will be invited to progress into our Yr 8 squad from September 2022.

If you would like to be added to this waiting list for this summer then please complete membership enquiry form on this page and you will automatically be entered onto this list.

Monthly Membership £75.00

View or download our FAQ sheet here


Autumn Term Session Dates and Times from the 4th September- 18th December 2021

Day Time
Saturday Session 14:00-15:30
Sunday Session 10:45-12:15
Tuesday Session 18:00- 19:00
Thursday Session 16:45-18:15

Membership Enquiry

Please complete our Membership application form >> Here << to apply to join our club and one of these groups. 


“My daughter completed Team Keane’s Learn to Row course. She is not sporty and was worried about her ability to keep up and deal with the physical demands of rowing. But she thrived during, and got a huge amount out of it, physically and personally. Team Keane got their novice rowers out on the water quickly, emphasizing safety and discipline as they did. My daughter said that she got more and more comfortable with discipline every day. By the end of the term, she was racing in their junior regatta!”

Kate Goldsmith, Dec 2020

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