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Junior Racing Squad

Do you want to take the sport further and train towards local and national goals? Do you want to be part of a rapidly growing and successful junior racing squad? Then this is the group for you. Here you will build on your existing technical knowhow to develop strength, fitness and racing potential attending multiple local and national events as part of the Racing team throughout the racing season.

As a relatively young club our Junior Squad has achieved incredible results in a very short time and we are looking to get more and more local juniors involved & benefiting from this success. So if you are looking for a club which offers committed to supportive team training, whith its whole objective to direct you and your crew towards regional & national racing targets then get in touch & come join us!

This squad is for competent & skilled oarsmen who want to ‘step it up’ and develop themselves into racing athletes by building on their athleticism and their crew skills.

Members of this squad will follow a training plan geared towards racing in regional events where they will compete against other Clubs and Schools as part of a crew representing Team Keane.

As part of a squad and member of the club you are required by the club to comit to train at a number of sessions per week, ideally with your crew for you to be at the standard where you are able to race at a competative level within the squad and age group regionaly and nationally.

J13 (yr 8)

J13 Squad introduces and lays the foundations for our young athletes & their parents to racing & training as part of a crew and a team working towards a 'running start' into our J14 squad. 

We offer this squad 2 sessions per week*.

J14 (yr 9)

We offer 4 subsidised sessions per week for which they must sign up for at least 3 sessions per week*.

J15 (yr 10)

We offer 7 subsidised sessions per week in which they must sign up for at least 2 land based sessions and 2 water based sessions*.

J16+ (yr 11 and above)

We offer 9 subsidised sessions per week in which they must sign up for at least 3 land based sessions and 3 water based sessions*.

All athletes are required to train & race in official Team Keane kit. More information can be found on how to purchase kit on the  page on the website.

All Team Keane Club memberships also benefit from a 20% discount for all private coached sessions with our professional coaches making it easier for you to also tailor your rowing around your personal targets as well as those of the whole squad.

*Please note the training schedule runs at term time only and excludes Academic Holidays and Half Terms.


Membership £75.00 per month

View or download our FAQ sheet here


Training Schedule

Please note all water session finish times are 'planned' times and sometimes these may vary as there are many factors which can delay the end of a water session.

Day J13 J14 J15 J16 and above
Saturday OFF






Sunday 12:00-14:00





Monday OFF OFF 16:00-18:00 16:00-18:00
Tuesday 18:00-19:00 16:00-18:00 16:00-18:00 18:00-19:30
Wednesday OFF OFF 16:00-18:00 16:00-18:00
Thursday OFF 16:00-18:00 OFF 16:00-18:00
Friday OFF OFF 16:00-18:00 16:00-18:00

To join our Squads please complete the Enquiry Form below or email [email protected]

Enquiry Form

“I have two boys rowing at Team Keane. We LOVE the club and are so glad they have the ability to compete at such a high level with the amazing coaches, equipment and location of Team Keane. Come join us! ”

Ken Creighton, Feb 2021

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